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Membership is now PAY AS YOU GO at the door with all funds going direct to Swindon Makerspace.

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Our Commodore 64, Amiga & Retro Team Membership provides you access to a wealth of vintage tech knowledge and resources. Get hands-on experience with the Commodore 64, Amiga and other classic computers and consoles. With our membership, you'll have access to our community of experts, who can help you explore the world of vintage tech. Come join us and learn more about the classic technology of the past.


Swindon's Commodore 64, Amiga & Retro Team Membership is the perfect way to connect with friends, share knowledge, and have fun with retro computers.


A Monthly Local Meetup at Swindon's MakerSpace (SN2 2PJ)

 - Connect with fellow enthusiasts

 - Discover new hardware

 - Make new like-minded friends

 - Emulation and real hardware

 - Old and New 8/16bit Games!

 - Reminisce about the good-old-times

 - Old & modern retro hardware


More Information:

Swindon's Retro Computer Club Membership (Quarterly)

Out of Stock
Price Options
One-time purchase
£10.00every 3 months until canceled
  • SCART is run not for profit. All funds go firstly towards space rental from Swindon MakerSpace and invested into additional equipment for use by attending SCART members. 100% of Pay As You Go door fees go directly to Swindon Makerspace.

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