C64 to TV - AV Scart / RCA TV Video Cable for C64

High Quality Audio/Video cable for your C64, Suitable for all models

A brand-new audio/video lead compatible with the following Commodore computer systems:


- For systems fitted with either the 5 pin DIN socket or the 8 pin DIN video socket and connects to your TV or monitor via the RCA 'yellow, red & white video & audio inputs' or the included scart adaptor.


Suitable for:

- Commodore C16

- Commodore C64 / C64C

- Commodore C128

- Commodore Plus 4

- Commodore VIC 20


Our cable features a composite video & audio out connection via phono RCA plugs, and with the included Scart adaptor you can connect your Commodore to almost any TV.


- Hand built and tested in the UK

- Quality components used

- 1.5m in length (5ft)

- Suitable for PAL & NTSC machines

- Includes scart adaptor


The package includes:

- AV cable and scart adaptor for Commodore computers

C64 to TV - AV Scart / RCA TV Video Cable for C64