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Introducing the Silver Label Commodore 64, a rare find in the world of vintage computing. This boxed beauty comes with matching serial numbers on both the computer and its packaging, ensuring authenticity and collectability. Featuring a genuine SID chip, this Commodore 64 offers that classic sound and feel that fans of the original model will appreciate.


A C64 power-supply is not included, so be sure to have one on hand to get this piece of computing history up and running. 


This boxed edition comes with matching serial numbers, adding to its collectible value. The motherboard has been meticulously tested with various devices, including cartridges, SD2IEC, Tapuino and The Ultimate II+ device, ensuring its functionality and reliability.


If you're a vintage computer collector, this Silver Label Commodore 64 is a must-have addition to your collection. Don't miss the chance to own this iconic piece of computing history.


 - Very Rare Model

 - Fully Tested Machine

 - Genuine SID

 - Matching Serial Numbers

 - Super Clean Motherboard

Silver Label Commodore 64 | Boxed Matching Serials

£597.00 Regular Price
£537.30Sale Price
  • When Commodore first made the Commodore 64 (C64) available, it put out this version which is known as the “silver label” model because of the distinctively different top silver label and the stylized “64 “power light label. 


    These “silver labels” are somewhat rare as a reported 80,000 units were made with the silver labels.

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