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The Roctec RF332C Slim Amiga External Drive is the perfect addition to your Amiga system. This sleek and slim external disk drive allows you to easily expand your storage capacity and access your data quickly and efficiently. With its compact design, it won't take up too much space on your desk or in your setup. The Roctec RF332C is the ideal solution for Amiga users who need an extra drive and want a reliable and efficient external drive. Get your hands on one today and experience the convenience and performance of these sought-after Roctec drives.


A great looking NEW OLD-STOCK Amiga floppy drive. Add a DF1: Amiga external floppy drive to your Amiga 500, A600, A1200, A2000, A3000, A400 etc


  - 880k Format Capacity

  - 3MS Access Time

  - Slim 0.9" High

  - ON/OFF Switch

  - NOS - Still Sealed


This Roctec RF332C Slim Amiga External Drive is a rare find for Amiga enthusiasts. This product is sealed and considered new old stock, meaning it has never been used. Please note that due to the nature of this vintage technology, no returns will be accepted. Get your hands on this piece of computing history while you still can.

Roctec RF332C Slim Amiga External Drive

Out of Stock

  • A one-off limited stock items from a number of our closest Commodore-dealer friends.


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