Closeup of Nano SwinSID chip for C64 - SID Chip

Nano SwinSID Replacement for the Commodore 64. 

SwinSID is a microcontroller based clone for the Commodore SID. The clone is a drop in replacement for the 6581 and the 8580 and gives almost perfect SID emulation. 


Also added is a LED on the bottom side of the PCB to create a cool illumination effect under the Nano SwinSID when it is mounted on the C64 motherboard.

Replacement Commodore 64 SID [Nano SwinSID]

  • Jumper Settings:

    J1: This jumper allows selecting between MOS6581 or MOS8580 filters emulation. With J1 shorted, MOS6581 filter model is enabled. With J1 Open, MOS8580 filter model is enabled.

    J2: If your board uses a MOS6581 leave the jumper open, and close it if it uses a MOS8580.

    The original Commodore SID chip controls game paddles and also controls the use of a mouse- The SwinSID Clone does not support the use of paddles or a mouse.

    Make sure that the Commodore is switched off before replacing the SID, and ensure the SwinSID is correctly orientated when inserting. 
    *Failure to do this and you risk damaging your Commodore 64. 

    The PCB colour will either be Blue or Green.