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Basically it's a Commodore c64 case (C type), to which we've installed a Raspberry Pi and the superb KeyRah interface, and configured it all, so it's ready to use.


A superb Raspberry Pi C64, sometimes referred to as Raspberry Pi Commodore 64 is a great modern way to use Commodore 64 games on a modern system featuring the original C64 case and keyboard.

The Raspberry PI is running a version of Combian distro which boots directly into VICE C64  - and other Commodore 8-bit machines such at the C128, VIC-20, Plus/4, PET. You can then run software directly from the SD card

And for the ultimate authentic retro feel, the Keyrah interface board enables the original C64 keyboard to work fully with Vice There are also two 9-pin joystick ports available to plug in your genuine retro joysticks for the complete retro gaming experience.

The emulator menu can be accessed by pressing the (redefinable) '£' key. From here you can mess around changing c64 'hardware' settings and load games. You can also speed up everything to have games load almost instantly.

The Raspberry Pi installed is a model 1B and runs Combian perfectly.



- Commodore 64 Keyboard

- Raspberry Pi 1B

- Keyrah Interface & required power cable

- 4GB pre-configured 'Ready to Use' SD Card

- HDMI Cable

- Concise getting-started guide


Works with retro DB9 Joysticks as used on the real Commodore 64 /  Amiga / Atari etc

Optional Universal Power supply and Atari style joysticks


*Requires 2.5A USB Power Supply (Universal PSU available or you can use most phone-chargers)

Raspberry Pi C64 - Ready to Go!

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