Raspberry Pi Amiga 600 Computer

It's an Amiga 600 with a super-fast Raspberry Pi at the core and the superb KeyRah keyboard interface, configured & pre-installed with Workbench so it's ready to use.

The Raspberry PI is running a 16gb version of Amiberry distro. The machine boots within seconds and is fully loaded WHDload setup and can also use ADF files which can be loaded from USB.


Plays ECS & AGA Games, Software & Demos!

For the ultimate authentic retro feel, the Keyrah interface board enables the original Amiga keyboard to work fully within the emulated system. There are two 9-pin joystick ports but these have not been configured, instead we'll include a pre-configured retro-style USB gamepad.

The emulator menu can be accessed by pressing the (redefinable) 'HELP' key. From here you can mess around changing 'hardware' settings etc.


Cleaned, Primed, Sealed & Sprayed, Two-tone A600 case


- Custom Sprayed Amiga A600 with blue glow power window.

- 16GB pre-configured 'Ready to Use' SD Card

- Raspberry Pi

- Keyrah v2 Interface- HDMI Cable

- Concise getting-started guide

- USB Retro Gamepad

- Universal 2.5a Power supply


Total Package Weight Circa 2.3kg

Raspberry Pi Amiga 600 ClassicWB Setup

  • We will include a free copy of the original AMIGA EMULATOR CD which contains a licensed kickstart.rom file from then Amiga International. Originally licensed to Nemesys and published by Epic Marketing in 1996. (New Old Stock)