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Originally intended for release in the early 90s. Putty Squad features old-skool gameplay and frenetic action that showcases the creativity the Amiga platform was renowned for, in it’s unique and unaltered glory. While Putty Squad is available for current and next-generation consoles and is a re-imagining of a classic game.


Putty Squad for the Amiga the most authentic Putty experience available.

Available on 2 Amiga disks for your A1200, WHDload USB Flashdrive or download the free ADF files from System3.


* Putty Squad Amiga Disk design / colour may differ


Choose from:

 - Original AMIGA disk version or

 - USB flashdrive with the WHDload version for use on THEA500 MINI (plug & play)

Putty Squad AGA (Amiga Disk or A500 Mini USB)

PriceFrom £6.00