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For sale is a Pi1541 Hat and 'Ready to Go' Raspberry Pi 3A+

This device emulates the Commodore 1541 & 1571 Disk Drives and allows you to load software via the supplied Raspberry Pi SD Card.

Pi1541 is fully assembled serial device with OLED Display, Power/ACK LEDs, buzzer, Reset and 5 buttons.


The Pi1541, the perfect solution for retro computing enthusiasts who are looking to emulate the functionality of the original Commodore 1541 Disk drive for the Commodore 64, C128 and even the Vic20. This innovative device emulates the Commodore 1541 Disk drive, allowing users to load and save programs, games, and data, just like the original hardware. With the Pi1541, users can experience the convenience of modern technology while preserving the authentic retro computing experience. Say goodbye to unreliable, aging floppy-disks and hello to the Pi1541, the ultimate solution for Commodore 64 enthusiasts.


Suitable for C64, C128 & Vic-20  (Tested with C64)



  - Pi1541 Hardware

  - Rapberry Pi 3A+

  - 1GB Pre-configured MicroSD card

  - Serial Cable

  - USB power cable (needs a good power source)

Pi1541 for Commodore 64

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