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Possibly the most awesome looking Commodore 64 Tribute Ever!  Developed and fitted into an original repurposed C64 game cassette tape^




- The Micro64 is the most powerful and possibly coolest looking of recently released C64 rehashes.

- The Micro64 is fitted with HDMI output and 2 USB ports for Keyboard and Joypad.

- Powered by a standard USB cable, the same you'd use for your phone!

- A massive 16GB of internal storage

- Add your own games (.d64 / .crt files)


Limited Edition Box Includes:

Eye-catching Packaging

Micro 64 console with 16GB storage

Arcade PS3 style joypad^ (pre-configured)

Switchable USB Power cable

Mini HDMI to HDMI cable

2 Port USB hub/splitter

Quick start user-guide


Order with 2 joypads and we'll configure your Micro64 for 2 player action!


Optional Extras:

Stylish bluetooth / wireless keyboard


*Additional games can be downloaded free from sites such as:


Stock Availability: Currently around 14 days wait.

^ Joypad, keyboard design and cassette-tape colour may differ.

Micro64 Games Console - The Smallest Commodore 64 Ever!

PriceFrom £65.00
Out of Stock
  • 16GB Internal storage

    Add your own games using USB pen-drive

    Works with USB/bluetooth keyboard

    Compatible with most USB Joypads

    Super fast processor

    Near perfect SID emulation

    Powered by a standard USB phone charge-cable

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