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Keyrah V2 lets you use keyboards and joysticks of classic computers on the USB port of a modern PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. It is the successor to the popular Keyrah interface.


The following models are supported out of the box:

• C64 (all models)
• VIC20
• C16
• Amiga 1200
• Amiga 600


With some tech knowledge and soldering, the customer can make use of:

• C128D (DB25 connector must be added)
• C128 (Raster-2.77mm pin header must be added)
• C116, plus/4 (part of the base PCB must be turned into an adapter)


The keyrah fits into a Commodore 64 case perfectly. The switch looks almost like the original C64 power switch, so your modding project will come even closer to the original machine!



 - Keyrah V2 Interface

 - Basic Information / Setup Guide

Keyrah v2 Interface

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