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Keyrah USB Interface allows you to use an original Commodore 64, VIC 20 or Commodore C16 as a PC Keyboard, perfect for emulation systems.


Keyrah makes keyboards of classic computers available to new computers. The board fits the case of a Commodore 8-bit computer (such as Commodore 64 (II), SX64*, VIC-20, C128, C128D, C16, C116*, Plus/4*) and turns the computer into a USB keyboard. We have only tested it with a Commodore 64 and cannot guarantee compatability with other Commodore computers as listed. It looks like a technical person could solder an Amiga A600 or A1200 keyboard ribbon socket to the board to make it Amiga compatible, Good luck with that!.


Keyrah gives new life to defective computers, or computers that have been moved to a different case, because the mainboard is no longer needed. In addition to that, two digital joysticks can be connected that will act as additional keys (for example cursor keys). The joystick ports show a special strength of Keyrah: The high data transfer speed. For the full gaming fun, Keyrah transfers its data ten times faster than some USB joysticks do!


As a special extra for fans of the C64, the switch used for keymap selection is almost identical to the one of the original computer. It switches between two keymaps that are either adjusted to the daily use under Windows, or especially for emulators like Vice, Yape and Amiga Forever.


Tested with an original Commodore 64 Keyboard. This item is sold with no in-depth technical support.



 - Keyrah Interface

 - Basic Information / Setup Guide

 - USB Cable

Keyrah v1 USB Keyboard Interface

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