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A truly rare and a not exactly well known Commodore 64 Shoot'em Up! 100% genuine original release from late 80's.


About this game:  'INTO OBLIVION'

It is again about nothing else than a new home for humanity. After the Earth became uninhabitable due to environmental destruction, a convoy full of spaceships set out for a new planet. But on the way there dozens of hostile spaceships thwart the player.


IO is a horizontally scrolling Shoot'em Up by Firebird from 1988.

"It might be one of many, but it is one of the better ones."

The appeal of IO lies in very pleasant graphics and fluent scrolling. Two players play in turns and can fight their way through the attacking alien hoard waves. While player one flies in a blue ship, player 2 fights in a red one. The status display at the bottom also correspondingly changes its colour. Small details, but nice, as e.g. the putting down of the player from the mother ship at the beginning of the game.


The end bosses are also very inventive. If you fight your way successfully through the four massively immesive levels, a successful animation of the convoy of mother-ships awaits you.


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 9/10

- Tested: Yes



Original Commodore 64 / 128

IO 'Shoot'em up' for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by Firebird

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