International Karate+ (IK+) for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by System 3

A true classic C64 Game! 100% genuine original realease from late 80's.


About this game:

IK+ (International Karate +) is similar to the gameplay of International Karate, however, now 3 karate fighters compete at the same time. Instead of the turn kick and the somersault the fighter now can do the headbutt, the "Flip-Flop" and a splits jump, with which one can throw both fighters to the ground at the same time.


All 3 fighters have the same speed, strength and know the same punches and kicks. The fighter that has 6 points first wins the round. The fighter with the least points drops out. After every two survived rounds there is a bonus round, in which you have to repel balls with a shield. If you make it to repel all of the balls you will get a "Survival Bonus" of 5.000 points.


There are the following game modes:

  • 1 player against two computer opponents
  • 2 players (in team or against each other) against one computer opponent


Developed by Archer MacLean

Published by System 3

Music by Rob Hubbard


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 9/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

International Karate+ (IK+) for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by System 3

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