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International Karate C64 is one of the most iconic Commodore 64 games ever released. Its often referred to as IK+C64. It really is one of the very best Commodore 64 Karate games ever created. If you are looking for C64 karate games, then International Karate for the Commodore 64 is what you ARE looking for!


About this game:

IK+ (International Karate +) is similar to the gameplay of International Karate, however, now 3 karate fighters compete at the same time. Instead of the turn kick and the somersault the fighter now can do the headbutt, the "Flip-Flop" and a splits jump, with which one can throw both fighters to the ground at the same time.


All 3 fighters have the same speed, strength and know the same punches and kicks. The fighter that has 6 points first wins the round. The fighter with the least points drops out. After every two survived rounds there is a bonus round, in which you have to repel balls with a shield. If you make it to repel all of the balls you will get a "Survival Bonus" of 5.000 points.


There are the following game modes:

  • 1 player against two computer opponents
  • 2 players (in team or against each other) against one computer opponent


Developed by Archer MacLean

Published by System 3

Music by Rob Hubbard


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 9/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

IK+ for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by System 3

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