A brand new branded BASF Head Cleaning Kit primarily for use with the original Commodore 64 tape deck.


Works with all Commodore 64/128 Datasette players, but the special cleaning fluid will allow you to clean virtually any tape player.


Cleaning the heads on your CN2 1530 Datasette occasionally is essential on a unit that is nearing 40 years old.


If you are getting errors reading and writing to cassette, the first thing to try is cleaning the heads as this will fix most issues and in most cases will save you buying a new tape-deck.


The bottle of fluid that comes with the kit is enough to clean the heads possibly 50 times and will last you for months or even years. Most experts say "It's recommended that you clean your heads once a month or so."


Using this cassette will help reduce the build up of any oxide or dust particles which could effect your tape deck. For a more thorough clean you should use the cotton-buds and isopropyl fluid (supplied). * There is 5 mins of dry cleaning tape, play both sides if you wish! No need to rewind.


* Storage Box

* Head Cleaner Cassette (fluid free) Manufactured 2019
* Collectors Commodore Sticker

* Commodore Pen


* Head Cleaning Fluid (5ml)

* 5 x Easy Reach Cotton Buds

* 5 Cotton Wool Buds


A low cost solution to possibly fixing loading problems.

Datasette Head Cleaner Kit for Commodore 64 CN2 1530

  • If you are getting errors or failures loading cassettes, the first thing to try is cleaning the heads as this will fix most issues and in most cases will save you buying a new tape-deck.


    Using cotton wool and isopropyl :




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