Amiga Gotek cable for external use

Premium Interface Cable Adapter for Gotek External FDD Connection for Amiga 500 600 1200.


With this interface you can put your Gotek on top of your Amiga case. You dont need 2 cables anymore (for data and power). Data signal and power connection are in one interface here.


Black end on the interface you are connecting directly to your Gotek. Another blue end of interface your are connecting to Disk Drive Connector of the back of your Amiga.


***Please note that you have to remove one screw from this Disk Drive port as DB25 was used for this project with 2 PINs removed from DB25 connector (please see last photo).


Compatible with:

- Amiga 500+

- Amiga 600

- Amiga 1200


Please note that jumper on your Gotek has to be on 'S0' position.


You can boot from your Gotek external connected to Disk Drive connector from your Amiga 500+, 600, 1200. Simply left & right click the mouse button at the same time on bootup and in the boot menu choose DF1. Your Gotek Drive will be recognised as second Floppy Drive DF1: when connected to Disk Drive Connector and will be recognised as third DF2: and fourth DF3: when it is connected to another external floppy drive.

Gotek Amiga external floppy drive cable - Use Gotek as DF1: