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Furia EC020 is an excellent accelerator card for Amiga 600 computers designed by Boris Krizma (Slovak Amiga HW developer) It's equipped with CPU Motorola MC68EC020/25 (OC33) MHz and FPU Motorola MC68882/40 MHz, and onboard 9.5mb of fast memory.


The quick access to the memory makes this little card a real monster, as it makes the Amiga more than 10 times faster, than the original Amiga 600.


The card has also ability to map ROM into the Fast RAM, tested with 256 kB, 512 kB and also 1024 kB ROMs. The card also speeds up Amiga 600 IDE port. The device can be easily controlled by tool FuriaTune software written by Martin Kuchinka.


To enable support for onboard PCMCIA port, you need to remove 4 megabytes of Fast RAM by pressing Control+Amiga+Amiga for 3 seconds.



  • Furia accelerator card
  • Standoffs included
  • FuriaTune & FuriaTuneGUI on Amiga floppy disk (if requested, or can be downloaded via Aminet)



  • In order to obtain highest compatibility, original CPU by Motorola and DRAM chips were used. Chips are non produced nowadays but they are new old stock.
  • Every card is tested with MBR2 test for 2 hours with heat-sink covered
  • Furia needs a really fast Compact Flash card to work properly.


  • CPU 68EC020/25 MHz (OC33)
  • FPU 68882
  • 9.5MB Fast RAM (switchable to 4mb via the keyboard)
  • Maprom function
  • PCMCIA friendly
  • Highest quality PLCC bottom socket - stable and solid FIT (AMPHENOL) - high temp resistant
  • Firmware 13.1 +
  • PCB colour may vary


The Furia accelerator for Amiga 600 has been manufactured by and as such commission has indirectly been paid to creator of the  hardware.

Furia Accelerator for Amiga A600 & Ram Expansion

  • FuriaTune: is a simple optional tool, that handles all the functions of the FuriaEC020 accelerator card. You can download it from the link below.  To install, just copy the furiatune into C: directory on your system folder. To setup, just enter in your shell window:

    > furiatune ?

    You will then get list of it's options including a simple description. FuriaTune tool has been tested with all versions of Workbench upto AmigaOS 3.1  You can also download a very handy GUI for FuriaTune from Aminet.


  • If you need technical help with your Furia, take a look at:

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