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Plug & Play External Amiga 3.5 inch Disk Drive -  Suitable for all Classic Amiga's


A Refurbished external Amiga floppy disk drive.


Drive may differ in appearance as they are from a selection of manufacturers such as Cumana, Power, AMITEK and Roctec etc.


We put the disk-drive through our 8 point test before being shipped to you.

  1. Cleaned

  2. Heads Cleaned
  3. XCopy DF0: to DF1:
  4. XCopy DF1: to DF0:
  5. DOpus Format w/verify
  6. Copy 800k of mixed files to DF1:

  7. Copy 800k of mixed files from DF1:
  8. Disk Check & Test DF1:


Image is for illustration, brand/style/design may differ depending on your choice.

External Amiga 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive


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