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Make high-density diskettes to true double-density disks with our DSHD to DSDD hole-plugs! This pack of hole-plugs allows you to easily convert your existing high-density 'pc' diskettes into Amiga double-density disks by simply pushing the plugs into place.


Once installed, these hole-plugs will transform your high-density disks into true double-density disks, changing their storage capacity and compatibility with older computer systems. Whether you're a retro computing enthusiast or simply looking to make the most of your vintage technology, these hole-plugs are a must-have accessory for anyone working with 3.5" disks.


Make 3.5 inch MF2HD disks into MF2DD disks that are suitable for Amiga, Atari ST etc

Suitable for most brands/unbranded disks


What's included:

- Pack of 100/200 or 300 disk hole-plugs (may be supplied as black or grey)

DSHD to DSDD hole-plugs

PriceFrom £9.00
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