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DISKSALV 4 allows you to repair and recover files from real Amiga floppy and hard disks (including RDBs - Rigid Disk Blocks - to allow you to read your drive again) using your real Amiga A500+, A600, A1200.


DiskSalv is a disk recovery program. Its main purpose is to recover AmigaDOS disk integrity when a disk fails or when a disk contains read-errors.


- Originally, DiskSalv's only function was to extract as much data from a failed disk as possible and copy this information to another disk.

- DiskSalv 4 has extended this function in various ways. It can recover deleted files from an undamaged disk, which is often a more common need than failure recovery.

- In many cases, DiskSalv can fix a damaged disk in-place, rather than copy out its contents to another volume.

- DiskSalv 4 adds a number of related features. It can find partitions on a disk, even when AmigaDOS can't

- It can report errors on a disk without repairing them for you.

-It can backup an AmigaDOS volume to any AmigaDOS disk or tape device.


- You will need Workbench 2.0x or greater installed on your Amiga's hard drive.

- Will boot via Workbench floppy disks also. (Additional external floppy drive highly recommended)

DiskSalv 4.0 (Amiga Disk)



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