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Amiga 1200 with extra 8mb FastRAM, Internal Compact Flash HD, Fully Loaded!  PLUG'N PLAY

* Stunning looking Two-tone Amiga 1200.

* Nicely customised with two-tone black A1200 keyboard.

* Tested with included Hard Drive crammed with games and applications.


An original Commodore Amiga 1200, cleaned, sprayed with a stunning gun-metal finish and sealed/


* UK PAL spec Amiga A1200 (very nice modded machine)

* Kickstart 3.0 chips

* New 8mb Ram Expansion

* 4GB Pre-Configured Hard drive with Scalos OS, WHDload and extras. Ready to Go!

* Amiga Mouse (free)

* Power Supply Unit^

* Optional Scart RGB video cable


Do you also need a Joystick?


^ Free Original Commodore Power-Supply with UK, European & Australian orders.


Fully Tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

* Cables.. tested
* All Ports.. tested
* Keyboard.. tested
* Sound.. tested
* RGB Output.. tested
* Ram.. tested
* Power Supply.. tested
* Joystick/Mouse.. tested
* PCMCIA.. tested
* IDE port.. tested
* Extras.. tested


Brand New Power supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Customised Gun Metal Upgraded Amiga A1200 (Black Keyboard)

PriceFrom £579.00
Out of Stock
  • Press CTRL+A+A for a few-seconds to boot from the Hard disk if it fails to boot from cold. (We believe this happens because Kickstart 3.1 boots too fast for the Compact flash (hard drive) to begin booting up)

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