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Stunning unique custom sprayed two-tone Amiga 1200 fitted with a super-fast PiStorm32 expansion board running Caffeine Operating System with 64GB SD card and 356mb Ram!,




This is a very clean and desirable two-tone 'spekled grey-stone and black' case which has been recapped and heavily upgraded. The case has a super eye-catching finish, professionally sprayed and sealed. It goes well with the PiStorm Accellerator card. The overall performance of this amazing Amiga A1200. A great machine for collectors or more advanced users.


 - A Massive 356mb+ of fast ram

 - 64GB SD card storage

 - HDMI hi-res video output

 - RGB output for games/demos


DUAL SCREEN OUTPUT (RGB for Games and HDMI for Workbench and Productivity,  Stereo Audio Output from the L/R phono sockets)


The Easy-Access MicroSD card (Harddrive) is packed with games and popular creative software made for the Amiga platform. This is an amazing machine and will make someone very very happy and eveyone else envious.


* UK PAL Spec Amiga A1200

* Recapped 2023

* Two-tone Black and Specled Grey finish

* Black Keycaps

* Kickstart 3.1

* 64GB SD Card with Pre-configured Emu68 installed

* PiStorm32 Expansion with 356mb Ram

* Internal 3.5" Floppy Drive

* Dual Video Output

* 100% code compatible with Motorola 68K processors

* HDMI output (upto 1920×1080@24Hz)



* Amiga Mouse

* HDMI Video cable

* Scart RGB Video cable

* KitSound Mini Speaker & Amiga cables

* Power Supply Unit^


Do you also need a Joystick?

Fully Tested...
We thoroughly test the machine whilst building and before despatch.

* Machine.. tested

* IDE Port.. tested

* Drives.. tested

* Expansions.. tested

* Compact Flash.. tested

* Cables.. tested
* All Ports.. tested
* Keyboard.. tested
* Sound.. tested

* RGB Output.. tested
* Ram.. tested
* Power Supply.. tested
* Joystick/Mouse.. tested
* PCMCIA.. tested
* Extras.. tested

* HD output.. tested

* SD Reader.. tested


^ Free Commodore Power Supply

    (With UK, European & Australian orders. 230v)

Recommended brand new power-supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Customised Amiga 1200 with PiStorm32

Out of Stock
  • This is a UK spec PAL machine that can be used on any modern TV/s throughout the world using a scart cable / hdmi cable.


    If you live overseas, particularly Germany, We would request that you have this item shipped to a friend or family member in the UK, and have them forward it to you. Or even better visit your friend or family member for a short break and take it home with you in your suitcase. :)


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