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Play Like the Good Old Days of Amiga & C64 - Competition Pro Crystal Blue Edition

- Based on the original Competition Pro from the '80s
- The new Speed-Link Competition Pro has a USB port
- Comprises four buttons and auto-fire function
- Super robust, suitable for all PC games that support digital input devices

- Fully compatible with THEC64 and C64 MINI



The accompanying CD-ROM includes 50 original C64 and Amiga games from the golden age of home computing that will revive the 80s on your Windows® PC.


Technical details:

  • Digital USB Joystick for the PC/Raspberry Pi/TheC64/C64 Mini etc
  • Original Competition Pro Design
  • Micro switches for that original sound and outstanding robustness
  • Extremely rugged stick with metal springs
  • 4 fire buttons and a switchable autofire function
  • 50 classic games on one CD for PC:  25 Amiga Classix and 25 x C64 Classix.
  • No driver needed, just plug & play

Competition Pro Crystal Blue Edition Joystick (USB)

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