Multi-coloured Competition Pro Joystick for Amiga & C64

Play like a pro with the original full-size super-tough Competition Pro 5000 joystick

Possibly the most iconic joystick of all time. You could argue this for the original Atari joystick too but we think the Competition Pro was an extremely good joystick to use as well as looking cool. Generally available is several colours, including transparent, camouflage, various colour combos and black/red.


* Rare Beige Model includes flexi cable as shown.

* Competition Pro Mini is approx 40% smaller than the regular model

* Reproduction model is a modern replica by individual computers with extra buttons.


- An original Competition Pro from the '80s/90's
- Suitable for Amiga & C64 use (DB9 9pin connector)
- Comprises two buttons, super-tough steel shaft.

- Microswitched / Leaf style switched
- Super robust, suitable for all Amiga's and original Commodore 64's

- Also compatible with Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, Atari computers etc

Competition Pro Joystick for Amiga and C64 [choice]

PriceFrom £39.00