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Commodore Power/Play was one of a pair of computer magazines published by Commodore Business Machines in the United States in support of their 8-bit home computer lines of the 1980s.


Power/Play was started in 1982 a quarterly publication. The magazine was targeted at the home computer user, emphasizing video games, educational and hobbyist uses of the Commodore 64/128 and Commodore VIC-20 models. Commodore Microcomputers initially served Commodore's business customers using the PET and CBM lines but as the business market segments standardized on CP/M and later MS-DOS, the coverage of the two magazines essentially overlapped, until the November 1986 issue, when both magazines were switched from a bi-monthly to a monthly schedule and retitled Commodore Magazine.


Instant Download | Issues 1-23 (Complete Set)  1982-1986

Commodore Power/Play Magazine, Issues 1-23 (Complete PDF Set)

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