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Rare in the UK, This is the European version of our beloved Commodore 64 'Breadbin'

Professionally cleaned and Refurbished


- Switchable JiffyDos built in.

- PAL Specification Machine.

- Bench Tested for Reliability.

- JiffyDos is the default boot-up


This C64G has Switchable C64 Kernal / Jiffydos which is changed over by holding down the restore key while performing a reset or brief power down.



- External SD2IEC Adaptor with 8GB SD Card* - Complete with around 100 PD games!
     *You can also add your own D64/PRG files yourself via your PC, just drag'n'drop).

- TAPECART device with 8GB SD Card, Ready to go! (loads PRG files in seconds!)

- UK Power supply for C64
- C64 to AV TV cable (3 RCA / Scart) for better quality picture.


Fully tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

Cables.. tested
Cartridge Port.. tested
Keyboard.. tested
Sound / SID chip.. tested
Cassette Port.. tested

Serial Port.. tested
Power Supply.. tested
Joystick.. tested


What on earth is SD2IEC and TAPECART?
The SD2IEC and TAPECART devices are a mass storage device that allows you to use a standard MicroSD card to load games on your C64. The most prominent use of these devices is as a replacement of the Commodore-1541 disk drive or data-cassette for a C64. *Tapecart does not work in JiffyDOS mode.


What is JiffyDOS

JiffyDOS is an enhanced DOS for the C64, SX-64, and C128 computers. The software is programmed onto ROM chips that replace the Kernal ROM chip on the motherboard and the DOS ROM chip in the disk drive. JiffyDOS is intended to provide greater speed, commands and convenience than on stock systems. Being ROM-based, JiffyDOS is able to provide performance without the compatibility problems of cartridges and other speed-enhancement systems.

The Commodore 64, also known as the C64 or the CBM 64, is an 8-bit home computer introduced way back in 1982 by Commodore International.

Commodore 64G PAL European Model Switchable JiffyDos

PriceFrom £160.00
Out of Stock
  • Classic Breadbin C64 case

    European Design

    Cleaned, Reconditioned

    PAL specification machine

  • Available from stock. Shipping is available worldwide, but remember this is a PAL spec machine with optional UK 230/240v power supply) * Shipping to USA and other countries that do not support 220v+ will not be sent with a power supply and will not come with any after-sales support.

    * New power-supplies suitable for use in most regions are available from our website here.

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