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This Commodore 64 SD2IEC LCD Edition + 8GB SD Card is the perfect solution for accessing digital .D64 & .PRG files on your C64. It features an easy-to-read LCD display The 8GB SD card that comes with this package provides plenty of room for all your favourite Commodore 64 programs and games. With this package, you'll be able to experience retro computing like never before and way more conveniently.


SD2IEC LCD EDITION is a SD card reader designed for Commodore computers.

It is compatible with: Commodore 64, C64C, C128, C128D, VIC-20, C16, C116, PLUS4, and SX64.


Is this the coolest looking C64 sd card reader available?


It supports reading and writing the following file types: *.D64, *.D71, *.D81, *.PRG,*.P00 and any SD card up to 32GB in capacity.


SD2IEC LCD Edition works with:

- Turbo Dis

- Epyx  Fast Load

- Speeddisk

- JiffyDOS

- Final Cartridge 3 – fastloader/fastsaver

- DreamLoad

- Exos



LCD Displays:

- The SD2IEC firmware version

- drive number (this can be changed with the drive switch button on the back)

- name of the current directory

- name of the currently loaded file / disk image


The screen comes handy especially in the case of games and multi-disk programs while the name of the currently loaded disk image makes using the computer much easier.


The package includes:

- SD2IEC LCD Edition

- Ready to use 8GB SD Card (Available Separately HERE)

- Shielded serial cable (~100 cm)

- USB power cable

- TAPE/USB power adapter for C64, C128, and VIC-20



 - SD2IEC is compatible with most D64 files, but not all.

 - Artwork colour may differ.

Commodore 64 SD2IEC LCD Edition + 8GB SD Card

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