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Commodore 64 SD Card Reader SD2IEC & Epyx Fastload Cartridge Combo (8GB SD Card Included)

Use a SD card as media on your original Commodore 64 hardware (SD2IEC),  this device functions like an additional Disk Drive with super-fast loading.

The SD2IEC feature connects directly to the serial port (IEC) of the commodore 64 or in the back of an existing 1541 (or compatible) disk drive unit. Powered by the cartridge slot leavingthe  tape socket free.

It can be configured as drive 8,9,10, or 11 with jumpers and then setup as a second drive or used as the primary drive.

Use the wealth of .d64 and PRG files supplied on the included SD card or download more from the internet and copy them to the SD card.

The Epyx Fastload cartridge feature gives you a great DOSWedge kernal upgrade that includes a non-destructive directory command ("$") as shown, as well as menu driven disk utilities. The fast loader feature of up to 5x speed of software loading on both your SD2IEC or 1541 and compatible disk drives.

This is self-powered on the Commodore 64 but additionally you can attach an external 5volt dc power source and run this on your non c64 compatible commodore 8bit computers such as the c16, vic20, or plus4.

In order to protect your electronical devices, always turn off your Commodore 64 before connecting or unconnecting any device.

This is a complete solution to the current price and reliability of floppy disks and slow disk speeds that the 1541 or some other SD2IEC units suffer.



  - SD2IEC card reader with Inbuilt Epyx Fastload
  - Pre-configured 8GB SD Card

  - Printed User guide


Pre-configured SD Card Available Separately HERE

Commodore 64 SD2IEC & Epyx Fastload Combo



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