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Commodore 64 'Evolution'

Custom PC build with Genuine Windows 10, 120gb SSD & 4gb ram.
Keyrah V2 interface to allow keyboard to work in PC or Commodore 64 Mode


The Commodore 64 Evolution is a cutting-edge product that combines retro aesthetics with modern performance. This device is a custom made PC built inside a classic Commodore 64 case, making it a unique and stylish addition to any computer setup. The system is powered by a powerful CPU and features a range of connectivity options, making it perfect for gaming, streaming, or just browsing the web. If you're looking for a nice-performance PC that pays homage to the past, the Commodore 64 Evolution is the perfect choice.

- Custom Launcher for the many included C64 Games!

- Windows 10 Based PC system


- Keyrah V2 Interface

- Original Commodore 64 Case & Keyboard


- 120GB Internal Drive
- Wireless USB Adapter

- Universal Power Supply

- Optical Mouse



Includes a selection of ready to run Amiga Games (.exe, No emulator required)


High Quality Retro Conversion full of nostalgia and a fully functional Windows 10 PC.

All internal components are brand new in an original Commodore 64 Breadbin Case

Commodore 64 Evolution

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