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A dedicated VICE C64 Laptop, setup running the best C64 emulator (VICE) and a large number of classic Commodore 64 games, Tools and Demos!


Boots to the desktop within seconds.

Double click the VICE Icon and Drag & Drop any of the games into the window to play.

Pre-configured Retro Gamepad


Tech Specs:

1.3 Ghz Processor

15 inch, 4.3 aspect ratio screen

Superb SID Emulation

3 x USB Ports

VGA Output

40GB Harddrive

256MB Ram

Inbuilt DVD Drive

Mains Powered


Supplied with:

- USB Gamepad Controller

- 110-240v Power Supply


* Battery included but only tested for a limited time. (Minimum 2 hours)

C64 VICE Laptop (Ready to Go!)

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