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C64 PSU Tester - Commodore 64 Power Supply Tester, Measures Voltages, Currents, Ripple, OLED Digital Display

Commodore 64 power supply unit (PSU) automated tester. Forces a constant current from the power supply and measures voltage levels and ripple. Results are displayed in real time on a digital OLED display. The tester features an aluminum heat sink to perform long-term tests. Round DIN7 plug matching the original C64 PSU pinout.


Power supply failures are among the most common problems among retro Commodore 64/128 systems. A C64 PSU failure can lead to expensive repairs, or even render the entire system useless. This is specifically why we have designed the C64 power supply tester. It runs a thorough test, minimizing the risk of damage due to an ageing factory power supply.


The C64 PSU tester measures the primary +5V DC output voltage and ripple at a constant current of roughly 400mA...500mA. Secondary voltages (9V AC) are measured at a lower current, typically 50...150mA. Measurement results are updated on a digital OLED display in real-time, allowing a live evaluation of the power quality.


The power supply tester has an aluminum heat-sink allowing to dissipate excessive power and perform long-term testing. It's designed to work both as a quick diagnostic tool, and for long-term stability tests.

- Power supply tester for Commodore 64 and VIC-20
- Forces a constant current from the 5V DC and 9V AC PSU outputs
- Measures voltages, currents, and ripple
- Results displayed in real-time on digital OLED display
- Heat sink for dissipating power during long-term tests
- Plug and play easy usage, no setup required
- Round DIN7 plug with 5V DC and 9V AC

C64 Power Supply Tester

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