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We'll custom recreate any Commodore 64, Amiga or CD32 game artwork.

Need a replacement to your old and damaged cases? We have created dozens of complete custom cases. Some are completely remade and re-imagined, with most as close to the original as possible, and we will always try and ensure the spine of the case has the original design/logo of the game on it!




- We prefer an order of 2 designs.

- Full colour sealed professional prints (130gsm gloss/satin art)

- Stunning hi-resolution re-worked/re-imagined artwork.

- Artwork is designed, trimmed/cut to fit the case type you request.

- Supplied with brand new cases (colour of case may vary)

- English language



* Cassette Case : High Gloss Clear (Commodore 64 Tape)

* Double Cassette Case : High Gloss Clear (C64 Tapes / Amiga Disks)

* DVD Case: Red / Clear (Amiga disk / Amiga CD / CD32)

* VHS Case: Black (C64 Tapes / Cartridges / Multiple Amiga Disks)

* Jewel CD Case:  Clear/Black Inserts (Amiga CD32 / Amiga CD)

* Disk Case (Commodore 64 Disk) ^Possibly available soon


How to order:

We prefer a minimum order of two, just to make it more cost effective for you and us. Just add a note with your order of the game titles and the platform the game is on, and the publisher if you know... We'll do the rest. If you choose to have your designs done ' Like The Original', We'll do our best to make it as close to the original design as possible.

Reproduction C64 & Amiga Game Artwork & Boxes

PriceFrom £8.00
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  • * Can I request a cover for a custom compilation? Um.. no, not at this time, they simply take too long to design.

    * Can I see the artwork before it's printed?  No

    * Will you create exact copies of the original artwork?  No, not guaranteed, sorry.

    * Are the manuals also included? No, of course not!

    * Do you actually make any money from these?  No Chance, the time it takes to design these and the cost they are sold is way below any minimum-wage,  we do them because we love too. :)

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