Reproduction Custom Game Covers Amiga C64 boxes cases

We'll custom recreate any Commodore 64, Amiga or CD32 game artwork.

Need a replacement to your old and damaged cases? We have created dozens of complete custom cases. Some are completely remade and re-imagined, with most as close to the original as possible, and we will always tray and ensure the spine of the case has the orginal design/logo of the game on it!




- No two requests/designs ever the same.

- Minimum order of 2 designs.

- Full colour sealed prints (100gsm gloss art)

- Stunning hi-resolution re-worked/re-imagined artwork.

- Artwork is designed, trimmed/cut to fit the case type you request.

- Supplied with brand new cases (colour of case may vary)



* Cassette Case : High Gloss Clear (Commodore 64 Tape)

* Double Cassette Case : High Gloss Clear (C64 Tapes / Amiga Disks)

* DVD Case: Red / Clear (Amiga disk / Amiga CD / CD32)

* VHS Case: Black (C64 Tapes/Cartridges / Multiple Amiga Disks)

* jewel CD Case:  Clear/Black Inserts (Amiga CD32 / Amiga CD)

* Disk Case (Commodore 64 Disk) ^Possibly available soon


How to order:

There's a minimum order of two, just to make it more cost effective for you and us. Just add a note with your order of the game titles and the platform the game is on... We'll do the rest. If you choose to have your designs done ' Like The Original', We'll do our best. We can even put your logo or name on the design!  Just ask.

C64 & Amiga Repro Custom Game Boxes & Artwork (choices)

PriceFrom £7.00
  • * Can I request a cover for a custom compilation? Yes, just tell us as much detail as possible (game names/compilation type etc)

    * Can I see the artwork before it's printed?  No

    * Will you create exact copies of the original artwork?  No, not guaranteed, sorry.

    * Can I also order a bacon sandwich?  No

    * Will you create artwork for other platforms?  No

    * Are the manuals also included? No, of course not!

    * Do you actually make any money from these?  No Chance, the time it takes to design these and the cost they are sold is way below any minimum-wage,  we do them because we love too.

    * What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?  Apparently it's 15 beats per second.