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10 complete Binary Zone Music CDs on one DVD-ROM disc!


This stunning DVD-ROM contains every single track from TEN Binary Zone audio music CDs. Every track from each CD is presented as a maximum quality mp3 file and also as a 'flac' (lossless audio) file which you can play within Windows, Playstation, Xbox, Amiga or your portable music player!


Each track contains full ID3 info tags so the correct information is displayed in your mp3 player. As an extra bonus the inlay and CD artwork for each Binary Zone CD is also included on the DVD-ROM. This means you could even burn the tracks of a CD back onto an audio CD and recreate the original Binary Zone disc if you wish!


DVD-ROM Contents:

 - The Sound Interface Device Volume 1 (20 tracks)
- The Sound Interface Device Volume 2 (20 tracks)
- The Sound Interface Device Volume 3 (20 tracks)
- The Sound Interface Device Volume 4 (19 tracks)
- The Epic Themes - 2xCD Set (13 tracks)
- The Epic Themes 2 - 2xCD Set (15 tracks)
- C64 PD Music Mix 1 - 2xCD Set (43 tracks)
- The Best Of AY-3-8912 (29 tracks)
- Dutch Breeze vs Krestology (29 tracks)
- This Time It's WAR! (26 tracks)

Binary Zone Archive Collection 1

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