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Introducing the BassMX Audio Mixer for Amiga produced by Edsa - the perfect tool for Amiga enthusiasts! The BassMX Audio Mixer can in-essence converts the Amiga's mono output to true stereo, giving your music a fuller and more dynamic sound. Get ready to take your Amiga audio to the next level with BassMX


The BassMX Audio Mixer for Amiga is the perfect addition to any Amiga audio setup. With enhanced sound output and true stereo capabilities, you'll be able to enjoy your favourite Amiga tunes and sound effects like never before. Whether you're a musician or just looking to enhance your audio experience, the BassMX Audio Mixer is an excellent choice. Upgrade your Amiga audio system today


The Amiga's audio, especially when using a Hi-Fi system with proper speakers is really a cool experience. The one thing that has always bothered people a little is the Amiga's perfect channel separation, also sometimes known as "drums on one speaker and the bassline on the other". This can cause the sound to feel unbalanced. The solution to this issue is called "BassMX". It takes the audio from one channel, filters it so that only the low frequencies are kept and mixes that with the audio from the other channel. In short, it mixes the bass. And it does that for both channels of course.


Please note that BassMX is meant to be used with a stereo setup, stereo speakers, earbuds and headphones. Perfect for use with speakers like the Goodmans Active Stereo Speakers.


1 x Hand built and tested BassMX module
1 x USB cable for power.

1 x Short stereo phono cable (Amiga to BassMX cable)

BassMX Audio Mixer for Amiga

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