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Azimuth Head Alignment Cartridge


If you're having trouble loading your games on your C2N datassette, it may just be the read head are out of alignment. You can easily realign them with this cartridge.


Are you finding some of your games struggle to load?


One of the most common reasons for loading difficulties is the bad alignment of the tape head of the cassette deck. The AZIMUTH TAPE HEAD ALIGNMENT KIT enables you to re-align your cassette deck simply and quickly.


No real technical skills required. By following the step-by-step guide the test and operation an be carried out in minutes.


  - Azimuth Tape Alignment Cartridge
  - Mini guide / youtube video link


* PAL machines Only. Not compatible with NTSC machines.

Azimuth Tape Head Alignment Cartridge For Commodore 64

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