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Edge Connector / Electronic Component Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid  & Cotton Buds

Special anti-static cleaning solvent called isopropyl alcohol and five cleaning buds, ideal for cleaning all types of electronic components (especially the edge connectors used commonly on vintage computer motherboards including the Commodore 64, Vic-20 & Amiga, Atari ST, Acorn, BBC Micro).


If you are looking to buy isopropyl alcohol and cleaning buds then this great-value pack is for you.


Gives super effective removal of the oxidation and most forms of contamination on all types of connectors, that may have built up over years of storage - particularly on old computers that may have been stored in damp areas, or areas subject to a constant temperature variance (lofts, sheds and garages).


Very often, this kind of oxidation can cause a non-working peripheral such as a joystick or expansion card.


A very useful service bit of kit, also good for the cleaning of components before soldering and removal of flux following repairs and components being replaced.

Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid & Cotton Buds

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