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Get an authentic feel on a Windows style keyboard with the Amiga keycap layout. Super strong Mechanical Keyboard. Perfect for Raspberry Pi, Emulators, Amiga with USB keyboard adapter, the A500 Mini and any USB equipt computer.



 - Mechanical Keyboard

 - USB Connectivity

 - Braided Cable (Black Version)

 - RGB Lights (Black Version)

 - Amiga Themed Keycaps


Choice of:

 - Black (1.0kg)

 - Workbench Inspired  (1.2kg)

We have tested on The C64 MINI, The Micro64, Armiga, A500 MINI, Sum Amiga USB Adaptors, CD32 TF Expansion Card and Windows 7/10/11

Amiga Inspired USB Mechanical Keyboard

PriceFrom £99.00
Out of Stock
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