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Awesome Upgraded & Recapped Amiga CD32 for sale with TerribleFire 330 Accelerator.


An Amiga CD32 for sale with a 68030 Accelerator, 64mb ram and a 16gb hard-drive crammed with games and utilities. Boots up straight away into workbench unless you put a CD in drive.


iGames installed, which makes finding games EASY!!!! Just start typing the names and it finds them, then just double-click.


This Amiga CD32 Bundle Includes:

 - CD32 Console (PAL)

 - Terrible Fire TF330 (Upgraded 030 50Mhz processor)

 - 64 Mb fast ram

 - 16Gb Hard drive (ready 2 go!)

 - 1000's of WHDload games

 - Universal PSU / Power supply (brand new)

 - Genuine Amiga CD32 Controller

 - Mouse

 - Keyboard

 - 5 x CD32 Game Compilation CD's


This is the ultimate Amiga games machine. All thoroughly tested and working!


Includes Universal PSU for use in any country (100-240v)

Amiga CD32 withTF330 64mb Ram & CF

Out of Stock
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