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A great 3rd party replacement joypad for your Amiga CD32 or any other model of Amiga computer.

Supports standard CD32 directional buttons as well as the seven CD32 fire buttons... Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Rwd, Fwd and Start/Pause buttons.


Our SNES inspired Amiga CD32 controller has a fall back single fire and dual fire mode as well as a 'jump and run' mode for games that use the 'up' button to jump... the up button is copied to several of the joypad buttons and makes these Amiga  games feel more natural.

Supports dual fire mode for games with enhanced modes such as second fire button for weapon selection / jumping etc.

Works with all classic Commodore Amiga computers including:
A1200, A600, A500, A1500, A2000, A3000, A4000 and Amiga CD32.

Great for WHDLoad supported games (CD32 buttons) as well as AGA enhanced games too (Dual Fire buttons / CD32 fire buttons)


This is a completely modified USB SNES style controller with a custom circuit board, fitted with a genuine moulded DB9 plug, so is perfectly useful on the Amiga 600, Amiga CD32 and all other classic Amiga's.

Amiga & Amiga CD32 Joypad [KTRL CD32]

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