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Vinyl keyboard decal sets for Commodore 64 / Amiga 500 / 1200 and 600 in black or white.

Choice of:

- A full set of Amiga keyboard stickers
- A full set of C64 keyboard stickers


These sticker sets contain all the tops of keys for the long and short enter variants of the keyboards for both US and UK keyboards, they can be used for original Amiga & C64 keyboards that have been painted on or converting PC keyboards for Amiga. The matt texture on them gives the feel of pressing the real keys.


Possible Applications:
Emulators Sytems

FPGA Computer
Case Modding

Raspberry Pi

Painted Original Amiga & C64 Keyboards

Tower Amiga with PC keyboard



* Commodore Amiga A500/A1200/A600/A600HD  - Black or White Keyboard Stickers

Black or white matt vinyl stickers to go on the keycaps of an Amiga 500/1200 or 600/600HD. These are a high-quality matt vinyl which feel like you are touching the real key. Ideal if you wish to spray your yellowed keys black or convert a PC keyboard to Amiga layout.


Contains stickers for UK and US layout and support for F and J bump keys. The "Enter" key is designed to fit both long and short enter types and contains blank keys for the short-enter layouts.



* C64 Keyboard sticker with Commodore layout made of vinyl for PC/laptop keyboards.
Matt vinyl black or white stickers to go on the keycaps of a PC Keyboard.

Possible applications:
  Emulators (VICE, Frodo, Power64 etc.)
  FPGA computer (C-One, Chameleon 64, MiST etc.)
  Case Modding (C64, C64 DTV)
  External keyboard for TheC64 mini

AMIGA & C64 Vinyl Stickers Set for Keyboards

PriceFrom £6.00
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