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One newly built A500 512K Memory RAM Expansion for the Commodore Amiga A500 Computer.

If you are looking for an A500 512Kb RAM trapdoor memory expansion, then this compact design ram expansion is perfect for you.
This high quality, UK built memory expansion doubles your Commodore Amiga 500's available memory. As you'll no doubt know, extra memory is essential for many Amiga 500 games which require 1MB of RAM to work.
Your Amiga 500's ystem RAM will go from the standard 0.5MB (512kb) to 1MB (1 megabyte).
Installation could not be easier..  Just slides on to the expansion port underneath your Amiga 500, there is no need to open her up!
 0.5MB RAM to boost total system memory to 1MB
 Memory auto configures with no drivers required.

 Plug n' Play.. Instantly adds 512k to your Amiga 500

Image for illustration, Design may differ.

Amiga A500 512kb Ram Expansion


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