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A very unique Amiga A600 case, professionally prepped, coloured and sealed.  Why not make your personal Amiga A600 stand out with one of our stunning replacement cases.


- Finished in eye-catching metallic colours, antique white or original unsprayed case.

- Two-tone finish: Satin black bottom & the colour of your choice on the top part of the case.

- Refurbished with replacement case clips

- New Amiga badge with a brushed metal finish

- Easy to put together


Refit your Amiga's motherboard and drive etc to make your Amiga even more awesome!


Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed - Our technique makes any ageing, discoloured case virtually new again!


We try to keep these in stock and ready for shipment, but occasionally we will need to refurbish to order, and as such a slight delay in dispatch may occur.


Please allow up to 28 Days to be completed and shipped.
* Custom colours are available, but it is best to contact us first to discuss.

* Replacement case and new A600 Badge only

Amiga 600 replacement case (choice of colour)

PriceFrom £109.00
  • A unique Amiga A600 case.  Make your personal Amiga stand out with this stunning replacement case.

    * Metallic finish, antique white or original unsprayed cleaned case, we will supply the best quality case we have available, but due to the age an unsprayed case may have some minor marks.

    We clean the case and remove any unsightly marks.

    We'll fix any broken brackets, clips etc and generally make good.

    We spray two thin coats of primer (waiting 4 hours between coats)

    We now spray three coats of your selected colour (waiting around 12 hours between each coat)

    We'll now Spray two coats of clear sealer (waiting 12 hours+ between each coat)

    Your replacement case is ready.

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