Amiga 1200 CF Card reader and backplate

Amiga 1200 Compact Flash CF IDE Back Plate Adapter

If you want to more conveniently install or remove your compact flash hard drive on your Commodore Amiga 1200 without the incovenience of opening the computer every time, then this adapter with back plate will help no-end. Easy to fit and makes life easier.
- An Amiga 1200 CF IDE Back Plate for rear access to compact flash card slot cut-out.
- Nice & long 44 way IDE cable to reach from the rear trapdoor to internal IDE socket
- Cable may contain additional IDE connector for connecting another compatible 44-way IDE device.
The provided IDE cable plugs on to the standard 44-way internal Amiga 1200 IDE header and laid flat across the shielding, passing underneath the floppy drive to the rear trapdoor. The backplate is secured in the rear space underneath the floppy drive for a very neat and easily accessifle CF port.
Contents of kit:
 1x IDE CF 44-way adapter (you'll need a CF card with Amiga Workbench installed) Available seperately.
 1x 3D printed plastic rear trapdoor back plate with Compact Flash cut-out
 1x Long IDE cable 44-way cable.

*An optional pre-configured 'ready2go' Compact Flash card can be added to your basket, See HERE for information.

Amiga 1200 IDE to CF Adapter with Back Plate