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Commodore C64, C64C - Diagnostic Test Card, Port checker, Harness and 8in1 Test Cartridge.
This advanced kit professionally built by cece-mods includes user port test, keyboard test, serial port test, cassette and control ports test.

The User port test unit also incorporates a 9VAC, 5VDC test points and indicator LEDs.
The Cassette port also includes indicator LEDs for sense and motor lines.

This is Compatible with 586220+, 588121 and 785260 diagnostic software.

The Cartridge is an 8in1 diagnostic cartridge to help troubleshoot and repair Commodore 64's and 1541 Floppy Disk Drives.


The 8-in-1 Diagnositics Cart
The Winbond EPROM is pre-programmed with a range of diagnostic and test software.

It also includes a Green LED to indicate 5v when troubleshooting and a basic troubleshooting guide.


- CBM 781220 - Dead Test C64, C128 and SX-64
- C128 588121 - Full system diagnostic
- 1541 Floppy Disk Diagnostic and Repair - From World of Jani.
- 64 Doctor Keyboard tester.
- Jupiter Lander - ROM Bypass test.
- Doctor 64 Diagnostic and SID tester.
- CBM 586220++ - Full system diagnostic, C64, C64C and SX-64
- C64 CBM Burn-in Test and SID test.

The test harness should only be used with 586220, 588121 and 785260 diagnostic software included. This kit will also work with Commodore c128 and sx-64 minus the keyboard tester.

Advanced Commodore 64 Diagnostic Test Kit with Harness



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