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Commodore C64 C64C & SX-64 8in 1 Kernal Cartridge.
This extremely handy C64 cartridge is an 8in1 kernal cartridge. this allows you to select different kernal's without having to remove your existing ROM kernal from the computer.


The Winbond EPROM is pre-programmed with a range of kernals along with the Commodore dead test software and a range of fast loader kernals.
For full use, it is necessary to attach the supplied clip wire to pin 28 on the 6510 CPU and on the 8500 CPU. Most kernals are usable without the clip-wire attached.
- This cartridge uses a high-quality Winbond 27C512 DIP28 EEPROM,
- Easy to use switches to select the Kernal you want.
- Supplied with simple guide to select each Kernal.

8-in-1 Kernal Cartridge for Commodore 64

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