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Our Multicomp Axial fans are 5V DC and are available in either 10mm or 20mm depth.

Providing a general purpose, virtually silent, compact and reliable solution to help keep your machine a bit cooler.


The cables are fitted with "grabber" hook-clips to make installation as simple as possible, they just need clipping to a 5v source on your Amiga (example shown),  Or you can directly solder the wires if you are confident in this field.  You'll then need to secure the fan to the top casing (example shown, with hot glue) or to anywhere you require it within your machine.




What's Included:

5v Cooling Fan

Cables with grabber hooks

Quick Video Tutorial (link)



5V DC, Axial Fan, 40 x 40 x 10mm, 7CFM - MC002684

Power Rating 550mW  Speed 5800rpm  Weight 16g


5V DC, Axial Fan, 40x40x20mm, 7.7CFM - MC002688

Power Rating 620mW  Speed 6000rpm  Weight 30g

5v DC Axial Fan for Commodore 64 & Amiga

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