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The joy of the traditional

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In the days before the “mighty” Internet, the only way we could keep track of new games, hardware reviews and drool over what was coming up was through traditional magazines - and you know what? I still read them to this day. Magazines you see, were simple to “pick up and read”. No chargers, no USB sockets, portable and easy to find your place in. Take them and soak up the sun in the garden, read them on the go or simply run a nice warm bath and read them in there. Magazines were simple and no nonsense.

If, like me, you grew up in the eighties, you might have even spent all your paper round money on them. One magazine I used to love was “Your Computer” which ran from 1981 until right up until 1988. YC was a multi-format magazine that covered most, if not all of the (home) computers at that time. But, it wasn't just computer reviews. There were games that you could type in yourself (if only I had the patience!). There were free gifts such as “flexi” records that believe it or not, you could load from your hifi system.

Your Computer Magazine and record
Your Computer Magazine and record

Speaking of which, in the latter years, demo tapes and floppy discs adorned the front covers enabling you to check out the latest games! (And I never tired of collecting them). Many magazines such as ZZAP64