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To Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of War Zone we have re-designed the Artwork

War Zone is a game mainly about shooting, more shooting, some hostages rescuing (or shooting.. If you prefer) and also a little mass-shooting.


War zone Amiga is similar in many ways to Ikari Warriors & Commando.


The game consists of eight top-down vertically scrolling missions in which you're controlling an Arnie-like soldier of fortune armed initially with an 'off-the-shelf' machine gun.


Each mission takes place in different locations with the starting point being the jungle, but you'll also visit barren landscapes, stores, sewers, factories and more. Your task is to get at the end of each mission and ultimately destroy each main boss. Throughout your way a lot of enemies will be waiting in the shadows for you. Expect heavy resistance by infantry armed with machine guns, guided missiles and limb destroying grenades. Of course, enemies use plenty of vehicles also, so prepare for trains, tanks, helicopters, jeeps and even a submarine!


Luckily you aren't reliant on a machine gun alone, Shoot boxes with a "W" sign and arm yourself with better/stronger weapons like grenades, flame thrower, guided missile launcher or even a laser. Also watch carefully for hostages. If you release one, you'll be awarded with points or a health-pack.


Whats Included:

- DVD Case with 30th Anniversary sleeve with reversible-artwork

- Original mint-condition Amiga disk

- Large War Zone poster

- Collectable War Zone sticker

- Instructions/game guide on reverse of poster



* Developed by Core Design Ltd 1991

* Artwork re-imagined 2020 by


Choose from:

 - Original AMIGA disk version or

 - Original AMIGA disk version plus a USB flashdrive with the WHDload version for use on THEA500 MINI (plug & play)

War Zone | 30th Anniversary Edition (Amiga Disk or WHDload)

PriceFrom £10.70


  • SUITABLE FOR: AMIGA A500, A500+, A600, A1200, A2000, A3000, A4000

    REQUIRES: Minimum 1mb ram


    USB Flashdrive suitable for THEA500 MINI

  • Media Type: 3.5" Floppy Disk or USB Flashdrive
    Video Modes Supported: OCS/ECS | 1200 Compatible
    Controller Types Supported:    Digital Joystick
    Multiplayer Options: Same/Split-Screen
    Number of Players: 1-2 Players

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