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Mouse / Joystick / Gamepad Adaptor for Retro Commodore computers!


Tom 2+ Adapter features:
Connect most Mouse / Gamepad / Joysticks to your retro computer (any device that doesn't require any special additional drivers on PC) via USB socket - wired or with wireless receiver.

- Supports Classic Amiga's and C64 / 128.

- No drivers required

- Works perfectly with most mouses including wireless, Tested on: Amiga Workbench.

- Hot plug - just plug or swap your favourite device any time.
- Configure your favourite buttons for Gamepad / Joystick - up to 10 reconfigurable buttons - including Autofire for button 1 and 2.
- Amiga CD32 games supported - play games with up to 7 buttons.

- Emulates mouse on Gamepad / Joystick.

- Connect most known Playstation/PS2/PS3 USB joypads

- Includes port extender for use on Amiga, C64 & Atari etc.

- Pack Size : One Unit


* We cannot guarantee that every 3rd party make and model of USB controller will work with this device, but it has been tested with a huge number of readily available controllers.

TOM 2+ USB Joystick Adaptor for Amiga and C64 - Use any USB Controller

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