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Red-Hot Amiga Super-fast Amiga A1200 for sale. (TF1260 68060, 128mb ram, 2 x SD Cards, OS3.2 & Gotek with Rotary & OLED Display)


Stunning Amiga 1200 for Sale in a two-tone finish, hot red on top and satin black on the bottom half. Fitted with a TerribleFire TF1260 50mhz Accelerator, an additional 128mb FastRAM, two SD Cards, one DH0: includes OS3.2 and the second card contains DH1: & DH2: which have a number of games and software pre-installed.


This Amiga 1200 has been painstakingly and lovingly restored and rebuilt over the period of a month or so. Every care has been taken to make this machine unique. Just like all our custom built machines, it's pretty special.

  * Stunning looking two-tone red Amiga 1200.

  * Super-Fast 68060 Accelerator (50mhz)

  * Internal Cooling Fan

  * 128mb Extra FastRAM

  * Kickstart 3.2.1 Modified with ehide.device

  * New Black Resin Keycaps
  * 4GB Internal SD Harddrive DH0: (OS3.2)

  * 16GB Additional data drive (DH1: & DH2:) 

  * Internal Gotek with Rotary & OLED Display.

  * Free USB & ADF DVD- ROM

  * Freshly Recapped System

  * Professionally Custom Sprayed & Sealed

  * New Gayle chip

  * Black Amiga Compatible Mouse (free)

  * Standard 230v Power Supply Unit^


You May Need:

   - Amiga Scart RGB Video Cable

   - New Amiga PSU

   - Amiga Joystick

^ Free Commodore Power-Supply (230v) with UK, European & Australian orders unless a recommended new PSU is ordered.


Brand New Amiga Power Supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Red-Hot Amiga A1200 (68060, 128mb ram, OS3.2 & Gotek)

Out of Stock
  • We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

    * Cables.. tested
    * All Ports.. tested
    * Keyboard.. tested
    * Sound.. tested
    * RGB Output.. tested
    * Ram.. tested
    * Power Supply.. tested
    * Joystick/Mouse.. tested
    * PCMCIA.. tested
    * IDE port.. tested
    * Extras.. tested

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